logoThis was the logo of InfinitAir, an Edmonton based aviation company. I don’t know if they are still in business or not. This website is being maintained by a third party, with no affiliation to InfinitAir, who has an interest in preserving Aviation heritage.


InfinitAir was an aviation company website of Infinity Flight Services. Based in Edmonton, at 12345-121 St. Edmonton, AB, T5L4Y7 780-447-5920.

They offered:
Executive Charter Services.

” InfinitAir knows executive charters. Our personnel are trained to provide a higher level of service than most charter operators in the market place. Flights offer complimentary beverage, snacks and fresh pastries. You can make the most of your time by having lunch served while in flight to your destination.
Your business affairs are kept in absolute confidence. By chartering a private aircraft, you, your personnel or your clients can hold discussions and prepare for meetings while in route. All of our aircraft have fold out tables in a quad seating configuration making it easy for discussions or working on a laptop.
Comfort and the safety of your clientele are of paramount importance. InfinitAir holds a higher standard of training and experience for flight crews and will often operate with two qualified Captains on board. If your company has minimum safety qualifications for crew members, rest assured that InfinitAir’s personnel will exceed those levels.”

Air Ambulance.

” InfinitAir provides domestic and international medical transport. We offer a “bed to bed” service where our trained medical personnel pick up the patient at the departing hospital and provide continued care until safely in the hands of the receiving hospital. Our staff make all of the ambulance arrangements, consult with the hospital to obtain the medical status of the patient and ensure that the transfer goes smoothly and with little stress to the family members.
New born babies require a chance at life, especially those that may be suffering from an illness. InfinitAir transports all newborn babies requiring an incubator with an Advanced Life Support medical crew. Special care is taken with all infants as they start out to make their mark in this world.
InfinitAir medical flights are for anyone, including the young and the young at heart. Transport of elderly patients requires a combination of respect and compassion as well as medical attention. Whether recovering from an accident or just being transferred to a long-term facility, InfinitAir takes the time to ensure that the patient is properly cared for.”

Aircraft Ownership.

” InfinitAir has put together the proper team of individuals to effectively manage a corporate aircraft for your firm. We have the best people to ensure that you get the best utilization of your aircraft while reducing the costs of aircraft ownership. Cost control and accountability are as important as generating revenue. When InfinitAir manages your aircraft, the management team is accountable to you, the owner.
Your aircraft can be put “on-line” as part of our charter fleet, to work for you and generate revenue when you are not using it. The revenue generated offsets the ownership costs for you or your company. When it comes to fixed costs, aircraft are not different than other pieces of equipment operated within your firm. A higher utilization will reduce your fixed cost per hour. You also save costs because of synergy. Through shared flight crews, combined with other aircraft owners, the result is a saving when compared to operating your own flight department. There are more savings available too! Insurance rates are often less with a fleet, and the fuel is purchased at a more competitive price.”


” Northgate Industries. The Office Marketplace, Kan-Bud, Northpoint Equipment, Sundance Distributing. Shoreline Camping and fishing resort. ”

First Class Customized Golf Packages.

” Take an early morning departure from Edmonton’s City Center Airport on board InfinitAir’s executive Jetstream turbo prop aircraft. You will be greeted by our professional crew members and board the aircraft for your flight to Kelowna. Once on board, enjoy single row wide bucket seats, breakfast pastries, hot coffee and cold refreshments.
InfinitAir has taken groups to experience the many courses in Kelowna which include The Bear, The Quail and Predator Ridge in the Okanagan. Trickle Creek in Cranbrook is also a popular destination for a weekend getaway for the budget conscious traveller. Clients have enjoyed overnights at the Borgata Lodge (just a few minutes away from the first tee at the Okanogan Golf Club) which includes an Okanogan Wine Tour and Day Spa Treatments. Please book early to accommodate preferred dates. ”

Our Fleet.

A Cessna Citation V is a fine blend of cabin comfort and performance. Cessna spent considerable time on sound control in the design of the Citation V resulting in one of the quietest light jets available. Other features include two-zone temperature control, a ventilation system designed to eliminate drafts, a lavatory, and refreshment center. The Citation has a average cruise speed of 760 km/hr making it a popular choice for the business executive. A typical non-stop flight would be Edmonton or Calgary to Toronto in approximately 4 hours of flight time.
8 passengers plus 2 crew members
Cruise Speed: 760 km/hr
Service Ceiling: 43,000 ft
Reclining Leather Seats
Full Commissary
Private Lavatory
InfinitAir’s Citation V can also be configured as a medevac aircraft. It is equipped with a Spectrum Aeromed patient system with a 3600 litre oxygen supply, patient suction system, and a 1000 watt power inverter to operate any required equipment. The Citation V’s cabin pressurization system can hold a sea level cabin to 23,500 feet, which is important for patients suffering severe trauma injuries.

A Beechcraft King Air B100. The King Air is the world’s most popular twin turboprop aircraft. It combines comfort, speed and versatility into one efficient package. Powered by two Garrett turbine engines, InfinitAir’s King B100 has a cruise speed of 455 km/h and is capable of airstrips as short as 3000 feet in length.
Cruise at 25,000 ft
Cruise at 455 km/h
Refreshment centre
Comfortably seats 6 (executive configuration)
We operate the King Air in two configurations:
CHARTER – The King Air comfortably seats 6 passengers in an executive seating configuration. There is a self-serve refreshment and snack center on board the aircraft. The coffee is always on! A complimentary bar is also provided on our flights.
MEDICAL – The medical transfer configured King Air allows the patient to be transported in climate controlled and pressurized comfort. The aircraft is equipped with on-board power inverters to operate all necessary equipment such as monitors, pumps or a defibrillator. Our Lifeport unit hosts a 1300 litre oxygen supply and suction capabilities.

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